Nowadays, AI image generators such as DALL-E and Midjourney, which generate high-definition images from text, are widely used. Such services are prohibited from generating sexual or grotesque images, and words related to these are not accepted. However, just as sexuality, which is the subject of regulation, has been treated as a theme of art since ancient times, there must be not only the obscene and ugly but also the aesthetic in the regulated AI's domain of expression, even though it goes against established morality. This work is a Sculpture created by inputting sentences using words prohibited by DALL-E into an AI model that constructs 3D data from sentences, and then generates and prints the data. By using sexual words in some of the sentences, physical curvilinear beauty was generated on some of the surfaces of the 3D data, pursuing the visual beauty hidden in the expressive domain that has been restricted by the ban on the use of certain words.

In this work, I was in charge of 3D printing and post-processing.
・[Exhibition] MUSES EX MACHINA - AIが映し出す人と創造性の未来 at ICC アニュアル 2022 生命的なものたち (2022.9.13- at NTTインターコミュニケーション・センター [ICC] )
・[Conference / Award] Artwork Spotlights at Machine Learning for Creativity and Design - NeurIPS 2022 Workshop (2022.12.9 at Virtual - https://youtu.be/_6pA5xsnnwo )
Exhibition at Intercommunication Center, Sep. 2022
Exhibition at Intercommunication Center, Sep. 2022
Keito Takaishi, Asuka Ishii, Kazufumi Shibuya
“Diane IV - Louvre Museum (Low Definition)” by Benjamin Bardou , used under CC BY / deformed by Text2Mesh​​​​​​​
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