This work is an experiment in daring to be alone in social media for simultaneous connections. On the display behind the window, there is a large number of windows with open YouTube Live streaming pages with a single viewer. These YouTube Lives are tracked in real-time, and if a viewer enters another, they are automatically transitioned to the other Live.
 Virtual Youtubers (VTubers) sometimes create "chat rooms" where fans and distributors interact with each other by publishing a page on YouTube's live streaming function that only enables the real-time chat function, without actually streaming. However, most of the time there are zero viewers of the delivery, i.e., zero people in the room. In contrast to the glamorous thumbnails and the name "chatting" that inspired the design of this space, the "chat room" is simply a silent space. Displayed through the window is the actual VTuber's "chat room," which has a single real-time viewer, that is, only the viewers of this work.
 The absence of humans in places where humans are normally present, as observed in the surveillance camera footage of a school in the middle of the night or an empty exhibition hall, evokes an eerie feeling. This work is an attempt to feel the eeriness, loneliness, and solitude that one feels when one's expectations of human presence are betrayed in a space on the Internet. The window, as an ambiguous boundary between space and space, connects the exhibition space where we are in reality with the empty "chat room" displayed in the Chrome window. the emptiness and eeriness observed in the empty public space deployed on YouTube have come to shape the relationship between people themselves. It highlights the nature of social media or the expectation to be connected to someone else, which social media has accelerated.

What is Liminal Space?
 Liminal Space is an Internet meme that refers to a simple, eerie, surreal space on the Internet. The images show no one in a place where people are supposed to gather, and the eeriness caused by the absence of people has a unique quality." The word "liminal" means an ambiguous space between two spaces or concepts, and it is used in Liminal Space in two ways: 1. to capture places where people move (shopping streets, hotel lobbies, etc.), and 2. to capture a reality that looks CG-like. The word "liminal" is thought to have come to be used with these two meanings in mind. Liminal Virtual Space was inspired by the inorganic space created when a VTuber's chat room was displayed in full screen on the display, and I found the atmosphere of a Liminal Space in it.
What is a "Chat Room"?
 This is a practice seen in virtual Youtubers, who provide content by capturing people's movements and moving their CG avatars to become two-dimensional characters. Youtube Live has a function to publish pages in advance of the live pages that are scheduled to be distributed in the future as "scheduled to be distributed". This feature is used to create a live page that is scheduled to be streamed. Then, the chat section of the page is opened to allow the live streamers and viewers to chat freely at any time in a "chat room. Since it is just a chat, no delivery will be made in the "chat room" even after the reserved scheduled delivery date.
 本作品は、同時接続のためのソーシャルメディアにおいて、あえて一人になるという実験である。窓の向こうにあるディスプレイ上には、視聴者数が1人のYouTube Live配信ページが開かれたウィンドウが大量に表示されている。これらのYouTube Liveはリアルタイムでトラッキングされており、もし視聴者が他に入って来た場合、自動的に他のLiveに遷移するようになっている。



Liminal Spaceとは
 インターネット上で、簡素で不気味、超現実的な空間を指すインターネット・ミームです。本来人が集まっているはずの場所に誰もいない様子が画像として写されており、人の不在による不気味さには独特の質感があります。”Liminal”という単語には2つの空間や概念の間となる曖昧な空間の様子という意味があり、Liminal Spaceにおける用いられかたとしては 1. 人が移動する場所(商店街やホテルのロビーなど)を写している 2. CG的な見え方のする現実 という二つの意味合いにおいて"Liminal"という単語が引用されるようになったと考えられています。Liminal Virtual Spaceは、VTuberの雑談部屋をディスプレイに全画面表示した時の無機質な空間の広がりに、Liminal Space的な雰囲気を見出したことが制作のきっかけとなっています。
 人の動きをキャプチャしてCGアバターを動かすことで2次元のキャラクターになりきってコンテンツを提供する、バーチャルYouTuberに見られる慣行です。YouTube Live(YouTubeのライブ配信機能)には、将来配信する予定のライブページを「配信予定」として事前にページ公開を行う機能があります。この機能を利用して、配信予定のライブページを作り、そのチャット欄を開放してライバーや視聴者がいつでも自由に雑談できる場所とするのが『雑談部屋』と言われる配信ページです。あくまでもただのチャットなので、予約した配信予定日を過ぎても『雑談部屋』で配信が行われることはありません。

For this work, I was in charge of the entire process from concept, implementation of the Youtube viewer count tracking system, still photography, editing, and exhibition construction.
・[Exhibition] 【 / 】 (2023.10.13-2023.10.18 at 新宿眼科画廊)
・[Exhibition] さわる探検隊! - SFC Open Research Forum 2023(2023.11.25-2023.11.26 at 慶應義塾大学湘南藤沢キャンパス)
Exhibition at 【 / 】, October. 2023
Exhibition at 【 / 】, October. 2023
Exhibition at 【 / 】, October. 2023
Exhibition at 【 / 】, October. 2023
Asuka Ishii
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